Through the Relay: A Mass Effect RPG

A simplistic tabletop game based on the mass effect universe and the star wars saga edition ruleset.
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 Talent Tree: Distortion

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Talent Tree: Distortion Empty
PostSubject: Talent Tree: Distortion   Talent Tree: Distortion EmptySat Mar 24, 2012 2:47 pm

Any Character with both biotic potential and biotic training may select a talent from this tree instead of their character class

Warp: You now can use the biotic power warp
Advanced Warp: As warp but target loses 2 DR prerequisite: warp
Master Warp: As warp but target loses 5 DR prerequisite: warp, advanced warp
Singularity: You can now use the biotic power singularity
Advanced SIngularity: As singularity but with a radius of 5 squares prerequisite: singularity
Master Singularity: As singularity but on a biotics check exceeding 20 the radius increases to 8 squares and lasts for 1d4+2 rounds
prerequisites: singularity, advanced singularity
Advanced Shockwave: as shockwave, but add 2 damage for each die rolled; prerequisites: shockwave.
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Talent Tree: Distortion
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