Through the Relay: A Mass Effect RPG

A simplistic tabletop game based on the mass effect universe and the star wars saga edition ruleset.
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 Powers: Nova

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Powers: Nova Empty
PostSubject: Powers: Nova   Powers: Nova EmptyTue Mar 20, 2012 7:26 am

Prerequisites: Barrier
Expend any and all shield to deal damage to the surrounding area
Time: One standard Action
Target: Personal and everyone within a 1 square radius
Biotics Check: Use this check to determine the amount of damage dealt to surrounding foes
DC 10:Amount of SR lost x 1
DC 15:Amount of SR lost x 1.5
DC 20:Amount of SR lost x 2
DC 25:Amount of SR lost x 3
Special: A player can opt to move one level down the condition track to increase their biotics check to the next level (a player must opt to do this before the result is known).
Cooldown: 2 rounds
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Powers: Nova
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