Through the Relay: A Mass Effect RPG

A simplistic tabletop game based on the mass effect universe and the star wars saga edition ruleset.
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 Salarian Characteristics

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PostSubject: Salarian Characteristics   Thu Mar 15, 2012 7:07 am

salarians are warm-blooded amphibians native to the planet Sur'Kesh. Salarians possess a hyperactive metabolism; they think fast, talk fast, and move fast. To salarians, other species seem sluggish and dull-witted, especially the elcor. Unfortunately, their metabolic speed leaves them with a relatively short lifespan; salarians over the age of 40 are a rarity.
Salarian Characteristics: +2 Int +2 Dex -2 Con -2 Str (Salarians are hyperactive geniuses)
Medium Size
Speed: 6 squares, swim speed of 4 squares
Amphibious: Salarians can breathe underwater
Low-Light Vision: Salarians ignore concealment (not total concealment) from darkness
High Metabolism: Salarians only require one hour of sleep to be fully rested.
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Salarian Characteristics
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